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    IMA New Mediator

    The Essential 40-hour Introductory Mediation Training

    mediation CERTIFICATE course

    IMA's internationally-recognized program has helped hundreds of new mediators build skills and confidence. Our signature blended learning approach is packed with content to prepare you to mediate.  No experience or prerequisites required.

    We provide live expert coaching, community support, fresh content, assessments, hands-on practice and real-life simulations, all culminating in a Certificate of Completion.

    Enroll now for exclusive pricing on 6 months of additional coached practice sessions or 12 months of expert support.

    Self-paced curriculum available immediately upon full payment, followed by dynamic classroom instruction 8:30AM-4:30PM, August 7-9, 2019 in Tempe, Arizona.

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    Jo-Ellan Dimitrius

    “Kate is the quintessential teacher and her course provided an excellent foundation for my introduction to the mediation industry. The extensive role play exercises throughout the course were helpful in understanding the dynamics of mediation...definitely worth the investment!”

    Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, PhD, jury consultant and author of bestseller, Reading People


    "I learned a great deal during your training session....You have a clear way of presenting and simplifying sometimes difficult and/or muddy concepts, and your sense of humor kept things fun."

    Becky Bartness, JD, Wilenchik & Bartness, President, Association for Conflict Resolution

    Becky Bartness
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    Dale Gwilliams, JD, Mediator and Conflict Transformation Consultant with Phoenix Mediations

    "It has become quite evident to me that one of the key elements of the whole IMA experience has been the Role Play Simulation process that is included as part of the IMA Mediator Pro course....It will then become a fully-functional part of your evolution and growth as a mediator."

    Dale Gwilliam, JD, Mediator and Conflict Transformation Consultant with Phoenix Mediations

    Janet Rosenberg, PhD, Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, LISAC


    "This course has been well worth the investment! I took a couple mediation courses, but until this course, I found it difficult to get support I needed to feel confident in quitting my day job. The IMA Mediator Pro course was just the catalyst I needed to take the big leap! The coaching calls, mediation simulations, discussions and feedback from Kate, have been most valuable."

    Janet Rosenberg, PhD, Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, LISAC

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    Covered in this course

    Kate Otting has taught and continually-upgraded mediation courses for 25 years. Instead of following a static agenda, she tailors exercises and simulations to discussions that flow from each unique classroom community.  At a minimum, the following will be thoroughly covered:

    • Contexts for applying mediation skills
    • In-person and online mediation
    • Caucusing in mediation
    • Impasse strategies
    • Intercultural considerations
    • Mediator self-assessments
    • Practice simulations and exercises
    • Demonstrations of mediations
    • Reality-testing strategies
    • Agreement-writing
    • Conflict resolution theories
    • Interest-based negotiation
    • Conflict style assessments
    • Conflict Iceberg
    • Sources of conflict
    • Communication and listening skills
    • Understanding emotions during conflict
    • Pre-mediation procedures
    • Co-mediation versus solo-mediation
    • Mediation frameworks and style preferences

    If you have previously taken mediation training and want to learn the latest approaches, you are encouraged to take this course, and/or consider enrolling in IMA Mediator Pro, to refresh and upgrade your skills.

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    + When does the course begin and end?

    There are two components to this course. The course starts once you have access to the online portion, which will depend on your payment plan. After that date, you will have full access to work on it at your own pace. The in-class portion is approximately three full days. Check the main page for the exact schedule and location of the training for which you are considering registering.

    + How long will I have access to the online content?

    After enrolling in the IMA New Mediator course, you will have access to the online portion of the course until you receive your Certificate of Completion.

    If you also purchased the IMA Mediator Pro course, your 1 year of access to that automatically begins after you receive your Certificate of Completion.

    + How frequently do you offer this?

    We offer the IMA New Mediator course every 6-12 months, depending on the number of people on our waiting list.

    + What if I can't make all 3 days of the classroom portion?

    It's important that you clear your calendar for the training. We can make some accommodations, such as taking a break at the time of a scheduled midday phone call.

    We cannot refund anyone, for any reason, within two weeks of the start of the classroom portion of the class. If you find you are unable to make the classroom portion, please contact us, as we may be able to enroll you in our next course, for an additional transfer fee.

    Call our office, +1 602-490-0704 or email to discuss potential scheduling conflicts before you enroll.

    + What's on the Certificate of Completion?

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion reflecting 40 hours of training. The certificate will be downloadable, complete with a serial number, IMA seal and the trainer's signature.

    + What can I do with a mediation Certificate of Completion?

    A certificate may qualify you to mediate in most courts and it often satisfies continuing education requirements for professionals. In most places, there is no process to officially "certify" mediators. Participants should check with local jurisdictions to determine if the course meets the requirements of any specific programs in which you plan to use your skills. More than likely, this course will meet or exceed the requirements. There may be additional legal or commercial licensing requirements for you to set up a mediation business within your area. Contact the Association for Conflict Resolution to find your local ACR Chapter leaders, as they should have this information readily available.

    + How much money will I make as a mediator?

    Mediators charge anywhere from $50-$800 per hour. What you make will depend on your initial training, ongoing practice, personality, skill, grit, professionalism and market research, as with any field!

    + Who should take this course?

    Anyone who wants to learn how to mediate conflicts, whether in the workplace, within their professions, in communities, in the classroom, within organizations, as volunteers or as parents. Being a third party interventionist requires not only the foundational training included in the online portion of this program, but also the hands-on guidance, practice and support provided in the in-person portion of this training. If you intend to launch a profitable career as a mediator, the IMA Mediator Pro will be valuable to you as well.

    + Do you offer scholarships?

    We offer a limited number of scholarships each session. We encourage you to apply here: Scholarship Request.

    + What if I am unhappy with this course?

    We would never want you to be unhappy and, so far, we've only had satisfied participants in our courses! If you are unsatisfied, contact us in the first 14 days of your purchase and we will give you a refund of the IMA New Mediator portion of the course, less the value of the IMA Conflict Manager course. Due to copyright concerns, the only exception to this is that we cannot refund anyone, for any reason, within two weeks of the start of the classroom portion of the class. If you find you are unable to make the classroom portion, please contact us, as we may be able to enroll you in our next course, for a nominal transfer fee.

    + Does this course qualify for continuing ed (CLE, CEU, CPE, etc.) credits?

    This course may meet continuing education requirements for attorneys, mental health professionals, teachers, accountants, as well as continuing credits for other professions. In our two decades of training, we've not had a student come back to us stating they did not receive credit, but occasionally, the accreditation body or their employer requires a copy of the syllabus, which is available in the online portion of the course. It is incumbent upon participants to check with the appropriate governing body, agency or jurisdiction.

    + Are there prerequisites?

    There are no prerequisites. People from all backgrounds take mediation training. The beautiful thing is that it does not require you to have special training or degrees. In fact, you'll hear some people with advanced degrees say they struggle to "unlearn" many of the things they've been taught before taking mediation training.

    + What can I do with mediation training?

    For starters, you will learn how to more confidently engage in conflicts and manage conflicts between people. It can improve the way you supervise, manage, volunteer, parent or participate in your community. Many people take this course to launch a mediation practice, while others simply aim to boost skills in their current careers.

    More than ever, conflict resolution skills have become essential to our everyday interactions. According to the World Economic Forum, negotiation and conflict resolution skills are critical to our survival in the current technical revolution.

    + Is this course approved by the courts?

    This varies by jurisdiction, and in what capacity you plan to mediate. Will you be a volunteer for the courts? Do you want to be on a court-approved public roster? You will need to contact the particular program ahead of time, but in most cases it does satisfy requirements of court-annexed mediation programs. We contacted ADR coordinators at several Arizona courts and, in spite of confusing language requiring participants to have proof of "approved" programs, they assured us they have no approval process and that our certificate has satisfied their requirements. In fact, many Arizona courts refer citizens to our training.

    + Is the Pro course necessary?

    If you are at all thinking of either building an existing mediation practice or launching one from scratch, we advise you to take the Pro course. It provides you with the support, expert feedback and business tools you need to get started. Plus, you become part of an exclusive, private, supportive, dynamic community of mediators you won't find elsewhere.

    We started the Pro course because most mediators who wish to have a profitable practice find that the 40-hour skills-based foundational training is not designed to help you launch a practice. If you take the IMA New Mediator course because it's a requirement for your workplace or you just want to gain some basic skills as a mediator, then the Pro course would not be necessary. If you want to evolve as a professional mediator, and you want to avoid paying the full price of the Pro course later, then, by all means, don't hesitate!