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Meet Kate Otting


For 25 years I've been a champion of respectful and productive conflict engagement.

My experiences include organizational disputes, complex systemic conflicts, workplace discrimination, B2B, B2C and public policy disputes. You can check out my complete bio here.  In 2004, I founded IMA to promote processes that transform conflicts into elegant solutions. With associates from around the world, we blend keen negotiation skills, compassionate listening and a multi-partial approach to foster positive interactions and productive communication.  

PROMOTING harmony is my life's work.

For years, I've provided direct conflict management training and services to organizations of all sizes and stages of development. My clients hail from private and public sectors in North America, Africa and Asia.  My journey began in West Africa, where I was in the Peace Corps.  At the end of the Cold War, I trained journalists in the former Soviet Union as VP of International Services for the International Center for Community Journalism.  I later ran the Arizona Attorney General's mediation program, overseeing 2000+ civil rights and public disputes. Eventually, I was senior investigator of the Arizona Ombudsman's office. I'm now completing my PhD dissertation on conflict in South Sudan.  I am a fellow of the Global Community Development Partnership, bringing together problem-solving scholars and practitioners in Asia and the U.S.  IMA also partners with the NGO Conflict Prevention Africa, to build conflict engagement skills of scholars, peacebuilders and development workers in high-conflict areas.

effective conflict engagement strategies emerged from my journey.

We all stand to gain from improving the way people treat one another.  Whether you need direct assistance from IMA or you wish to build your conflict engagement skills, you've come to the right place.  Let's work together to find your pathway to more productive and confident approaches to conflict!

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"Over 1,400 students from two universities stand to benefit from acquisition of mediation, communication, negotiation and active listening skills. The courses are relevant for conflicts devastating my country of South Sudan, where the social fabric is broken."

- Hakim Monykuer Awuok, Country Director of Empower Kids South Sudan

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"Kate is a well recognised leader in the field. Her work is highly regarded among other conflict management professionals." 

- Blaine Donais, labour lawyer/mediator, member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and President of Workplace Fairness Institute 

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