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 fear conflict no more

It's possible to productively engage. We'll show you how.

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build skills

Conflict engagement and mediation training, tools and strategies for any level, time commitment or budget. 

Grow Your Practice

Resources, tools and support networks for mediators, whether you're just starting or advancing your practice.

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Choose from coaching, training or intervention services aimed at transforming conflict.

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Learn how to respectfully disagree, like a pro

Download our workbook to learn how to productively engage in conflict, without completely losing it.


DEFINITELY worth the investment!

“Kate is the quintessential teacher and her course provided an excellent foundation for my introduction to the mediation industry. The extensive role play exercises throughout the course were most helpful in understanding the dynamics of mediation. As a result of what I learned in Kate’s course I’m now a mediator with the Nevada courts. Kate’s course is definitely worth the investment!” - Dr. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, jury consultant and author of bestseller, Reading People

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